Waiting for addimuru


In this collection, “a little poetry, a little prose”, Lombardo introduces us to fragments of his memories, thoughts and emotions. His wish is to share them with the people of San Severino, who he felt welcomed him with warmth and friendship. Not surprisingly, the first part of the collection, written in the harmonious Sicilian dialect, is dedicated to the memory of his land. Lombardo lived for several years in Rome, where he got married. But later he moved to San Severino, in search of  “certainties, a deep and human sense of life, serenity, green spaces and pure, clean air”. And here the autor, with poignant nostalgia for what he has lost forever, recounts the painful events of is life in San Severino: the terrible illness and death of his wife; the sudden departure of his beloved grandson to a faraway country; and the loss of many friends. In the third part, remembrance and regret are replaced by a series of reflections on the meaning of human existence, disappearing values and the inexorable passage of time. The final poems show the pessimism with which the author views his life dissolving into a yearning for faith, which he believes to be only experience that can give light and meaning to our journey.


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